tariqeye pas gereftane ID az kasi ke shomaro hack karde 100%


مطالب مرتبط با "tariqeye pas gereftane ID az kasi ke shomaro hack karde 100%"

Dostane Golam

albate in ravesh hamishe javab nemide yani chance ~

Be dalile in ke Nimbuzz Supporte kameli nadare

Shayad beheton idio bede shayad nade

Darzemn shamele id symbol nemishe chon nim supp nemikone
hala ma ehtemal ro mizarim ke bede

be support@nimbuzz.com email bezanid [ baladid ke chetor email mizanan ? ]

tosh ino benevisin:

subject : request to backup my username

hello my nimbuzz ID has been . please help me to backup my username thanks

Badesh ona mian migan ke bayad sabet koni va soal miknan azat ke shamele ina mishe

Thanks for your request.
In order to help you to solve thisissue, we need to request some information:
Which is your Nimbuzz id?
How did you noticed that your account was stolen or .?
Who warned you?
Did you had an email or phone number associated to it? If yes, which one?
To verify you are the owner of that account, when (date) was it created?
We are also investigating the methods used to ./steal accounts,
please inform us about the following:
Did you provide your account credentials (username&password) to any
Nimbuzz contact? or Did you submit your password in a Nimbuzz look a
like website?
If yes, could you provide us information about it?
When did this happen?
Who (which user) did inform you about it?
The Nimbuzz Team

Shoma besh javab bede hala chetori javab bedi

Javabe shoma be nimbuzz:

براس استفاده از تمام مطالب لطفا عضو شوید.

براي نمايش ادامه اين مطلب بايد عضو شويد !
نام کاربری :
رمز عبور :
تکرار رمز :
ایمیل :
نام اصلی :
کد امنیتی : *

اگر قبلا ثبت نام کرديد ميتوانيد از فرم زير وارد شويد و مطلب رو مشاهده نماييد !
نام کاربری :
رمز عبور :
شنبه 10 فروردين 1392
سفارش طراحی / نمونه کار